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How to stop nasty surprises from your print suppliers: why you need realistic supplier references

My daughter loves watching Dumbo at the moment.  She loves it when the cartoon elephant flaps his ears and takes off into the sky.

But, let’s face it, elephants don’t fly.  Dumbo is the invention of a storyteller.  He isn’t a realistic elephant. But he is like some of the references I have seen for print companies.

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How three questions will ensure you choose the right print supplier

A friend of mine was really disappointed recently.

They had chosen a new phone.  And when the phone arrived it didn’t have some of the functionality that my friend expected.  My friend was sure that they would be able to sort their e-mails in the way that they wanted.  And this wasn’t the case at all.

If only my friend had asked the right questions before choosing their phone.

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Why the 1-2-3-4 method prevents wasted time in choosing the right print supplier

Do you like rock music?

Do you remember the Ramones?

The Ramones were known for their short songs, their lightening pace and the fact that they counted in every song with a “1-2-3-4”.

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Print buyers: the three skills that you need for 2012

Are you making preparations for the Olympics?  Many people I know are planning time off work to make sure they see some of the action.  Whilst others are trying to book holiday at this time to avoid sport completely!

But the people doing the most preparation are the athletes.  They are now in continual training.  They are working on improving their skills.

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Why will the DM principle ensure the success of a service level agreement?


These are the decisions with which my young daughter struggles every day.  Every day she agonises over which pair of socks she should wear.  For her socks are as a confusing but important issue as a service level agreement can be for print buyers.

Writing a service level agreement is something that many print buyers agonise over.  The print buyer often puts pressure on themselves to create the perfect service level agreement.  They need a service level agreement that should cover every aspect of service from their printer.

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