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Three questions print buyers must use to challenge process and prevent 30-address syndrome

Can you imagine writing the same address over 30 times?

Wouldn’t it be a complete waste of your time? Aren’t there are so many better things you could be doing?

Incredibly, this amount of repetition still exists within businesses. I recently visited a printing company. They had carried out a review of their processes. And, yes, they found out that they were rewriting addresses up to 30 times.

Everyone was amazed by these results. No one had realised just how much duplication was being carried out.

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Three things that you must not forget when you ask for a print price

I purchased a book online the other day.  I was really looking forward to receiving it and getting stuck into it.  Each day I was eagerly awaiting my postman.  But the days rolled on. And on. And on.

Fortunately online order tracking meant that my book was eventually found and delivered.  But can you imagine what would have happened if I hadn’t supplied the right information?

My book would have been lost in the postal systems forever…

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Avoid getting the wrong print prices: why buyers need to use signposting

Can you imagine trying to drive somewhere without proper directions?

Most print sales people need to visit a lot of new places every month.  Imagine doing this without satnav.  Imagine doing this without maps.  Or road signs.

Chances are you’d end up very lost.  You’d probably be late for your appointment.

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Three print processes print buyers should learn in 2013

I love watching James Bond films.  One of the highlights is always the scene with Q, the MI5 scientist.  He always has a new invention for Bond to try.

The films have featured an explosive keychain, a wristwatch with a laser beam cutter and even a bagpipe with a flamethrower and machine gun!

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How print buyers can make major cost savings with simple specification changes

Can you imagine life without the car? For most of us it’s now an essential part of our lives. But it took a challenge to the way things were to create the car.

Henry Ford is reported to have said that he ignored what his customers wanted. He said that, if he had asked them, they would have asked for a faster horse drawn carriage. He needed to challenge the specification of the horse and come up with something totally different.

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