Negotiation Training

Does your company suffer from any of the following issues?

  • Anxiety from wondering if you could have closed a better deal?
  • Concern at staff not being confident in taking a firm line in negotiations?
  • Difficulty with moving negotiations away from price?
  • Frustration at being forced to react to another party’s strategy?

This negotiation course has been designed to provide an easy framework within which to negotiate for those working in the print and publishing industries. It ensures that attendees gain confidence in negotiation, are able to take the lead in discussions and understand negotiation opportunities fully.

It also encourages them to ensure that they have clear goals and that these are obtained and ratified from within your company if necessary. In the experience of Print & Procurement, few people in the print and publishing industries are skilled negotiators and this course will enable participants to have a clear advantage in the majority of situations where they negotiate.

Print & Procurement’s widespread experience within the print and print buying areas means that participants will be able to discuss real-life situations with a trainer who can understand the specific details and offer relevant advice.

This course is aimed at all staff who have a negotiation role, be they buyers, sales teams or customer services staff. It will be found particularly useful by participants who have not had previous negotiation training or who wish to improve their negotiation skills/confidence.

This is a full day course. Attendance is limited to a maximum of eight participants. This ensures that all candidates receive suitable personal attention and feedback throughout the course.

Here’s the workshop agenda:

What is negotiation?

  • Creating a definition of negotiation
  • Understanding scenarios where negotiation is not appropriate
  • Reasons for negotiation breakdown

The structure of negotiation

  • Creating a negotiation framework
  • Using adjournments
  • The power of the team

The six separate phases of negotiation

  • A detailed overview of the phases of negotiation
  • Taking control of discussions
  • Maintaining initiative

Goal setting

  • Setting markers
  • Making a proposal
  • Creating flexibility
  • Valuing the trading elements
  • The value of your company


  • Setting markers
  • Using language
  • Negotiation styles
  • Trading strategies

Prior to the course candidates will be asked to send information giving an overview of when they negotiate and on what they hope to achieve from the course. This can be fed back to management if requested.

Advice on specific negotiation issues can be given to participants upon request.

The course is punctuated by live negotiation scenarios. Feedback is given to participants at the end of each scenario. Print & Procurement has a number of scenarios based on different themes, reflecting common issues within the print industry.

The scenarios used are chosen on the day according to the skills of the group so that most participants should end the day feeling that they have succeeded in a challenging negotiation. Scenarios relevant to specific printer situations can be written on request: there is an extra charge for this.

At the end of the course participants will be asked to fill in an action plan of how they intend to change their negotiation as a result of the course and this can be fed back to management if requested.

For further information
Please contact Matthew Parker at Print & Procurement on 0845 6521572

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