What do you do if your sales team are constantly saying to you: “Price, we’re competing on price”?

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You don’t want to sell on price.  You never have done.  Maybe you’ve always focussed on service, really high class customer service.

And now, it’s definitely becoming more challenging to get more print sales

You’re still winning jobs but you’re eroding your margins to get that work. And it’s becoming much more widespread than just the one or two customers that had perhaps always bought on price.  It’s coming from customers that you’ve never really ever had that from.

There’s always someone that is going to be able to do it cheaper than you, always

It’s making it more difficult to win work.  Customers are continually trying to make the purchase decision about what printer to go to all about price.  You know that you have to differentiate yourselves in the market.

You’ve always tried to do that through service.  But service has become more standard over the years.

So how are you going to differentiate yourselves in the market now?

Think about supermarket price wars.  Supermarkets are always trying to undercut each other on price.  But there are still plenty of good food shops that manage to thrive, even though they charge much higher prices than the supermarkets.

If you could differentiate yourself from other printers then you would have a chance of building a better relationship and winning more work.

You’d have something to say

You’d have a story

You could begin to get into a discussion with and get more satisfaction from building that relationship. And then hopefully winning the work at the end

You’d meet your revenue targets. You’d find it so much easier to acquire and retain new and existing customers.

Introducing the ‘Challenging Traditional Print Sales’ course

‘Challenging Traditional Print Sales’ introduces a different way to think about print sales.  It shows you how to create messages that will make buyers sit up.  Messages that will make buyers focus on more than price.  And messages that will improve your profit margin.

Of course you probably don’t have time to spend a day training right now

So this course is based on distance learning.  You don’t have to carve out a big space in your diary.  You’ll just need around twenty minutes a day

That’s not too much time to carve out of your diary, is it?  Not when you look at the potential results.

But isn’t this just another sales course?

You’ve done the traditional sales courses in the past.  But now as a company you need to be doing something different.  It’s not about the salesperson being better at closing or answering questions.

‘Challenging Traditional Print Sales’ helps you create a sales proposition that will help your sales team achieve better results.

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What’s in these audiocasts?

Here’s what will be covered:

  • Why 80% of buyers choose on price (and how to change their ways)
  • Printers: why your sales message will not connect with over 90% of your prospects
  • Why features and benefits will fail to make an effective print sales message
  • Why over 85% of printers have no unique selling point

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