Best practice for customer staff training

Does your company suffer from any of the following issues?


  • Difficulty with creating a productive relationship with your clients?
  • Concern that you are missing out on extra jobs from existing clients?
  • Frustration at clients not doing what you thought they were going to do?
  • Concern that too many issues are escalated to senior management?
  • Anxiety that disputes are not being dealt with effectively?

This course has been designed to ensure participants become confident in dealing with clients proactively and efficiently and equips attendees with an insight into the mind of the purchaser. In the experience of Print & Procurement, few companies in the print industry use the customer service role to its full potential. Therefore attendees’ companies will gain by managing their clients more efficiently than their competitors.

By the end of the day candidates will be able to:

  • Build relationships with the customer more effectively.
  • Manage expectations on behalf of your company.
  • Communicate more effectively with the client.
  • Become a sales advocate for your company.
  • Resolve disputes swiftly and realistically.

Print & Procurement has widespread experience within the print industry and in supplier management. This means that participants will be able to discuss real-life situations with a trainer who can understand the specific details and offer relevant advice.

This course is aimed at all staff who manage clients projects at a printer, be they members of production teams, estimators, schedulers, involved in paper management or a member of a quality control team.

This is a full day course. Attendance is limited to a maximum of eight participants. This ensures that all candidates receive suitable personal attention and feedback throughout the course.

Here’s the workshop agenda:

Understanding a balanced relationship

  • What the supplier should expect from the client
  • What the client should expect from the supplier
  • Management of expectations
  • How can you put this into practice

The relationship network

  • The team from your company
  • The team at your client
  • Learning to network

What is not on the job description

  • Personal responsibilities
  • Understanding the job specification
  • Taking the customer’s side
  • The sales role of the job


  • Different formats of communication
  • Proactive vs. reactive
  • Bonding with the client
  • Structured discussions

Retaining your client

  • How clients choose printers
  • Your role in influencing the client
  • The sales role of the job (again!)

Avoiding disputes

  • Common customer issues
  • Understanding your customer

Resolving disputes

  • Response time
  • Personal responsibility
  • Obtaining the facts
  • Resolution strategies
  • Dealing with internal issues
  • When to hand over

Prior to the course candidates will be asked to send information giving an overview of specific challenges and what they hope to achieve from the workshop.

The timetable is designed to be flexible so that areas of specific interest can be covered in more depth.

For further information
Please contact Matthew Parker at Print & Procurement on 0845 6521572

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