Everything Matthew shares can be applied to so many aspects of life and business

Ann Grindrod, simplylearning.net and braininbusiness.com

I’ve known Matthew Parker for 2 years – as a trainee, trainer, writer, and blogger. In that time, I’ve become fascinated not only by how much there is to know about the print and procurement industry, but also by just how much Matthew knows. And what an interesting, memorable, and results-focused way he has of sharing his knowledge with people like me – an increasingly curious lay person! So I jumped at the chance to review The Print Industry Negotiation Handbook, because I knew I’d learn plenty (even with my experience), communicated in a way that I could understand.

And I haven’t been disappointed! This comprehensive and easy-to-follow guide laces an excellent strategy for negotiating, with identifiable experiences, humorous stories, and several real-life ‘confessions’.

But best of all, whilst the theme is the print industry, everything Matthew shares can be applied to so many aspects of life and business, that I recommend it as a must-read for everyone. If you want your business or personal budget to go a great deal further, invest in Matthew’s Handbook without delay, and you can immediately start to apply his tried and tested methods for successful negotiation. I’m off to do just that and save some money right now!

Ann Grindrod, www.simplylearning.net and www.braininbusiness.com

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