Download “10 Common Print Buying Errors and What To Do About Them”

Ten Common Print Buying Errors And What To Do About Them will help you improve your print buying

Ten Common Print Buying Errors and What To Do About Them is a practical guide to buying print.  If you download this book you will be able to create better relationships with your suppliers.  You will have more control over them and you will achieve more you’re your print budget.  Buyers who don’t use these techniques will find it much harder to achieve the same results from their print budgets.  They won’t have the same control over their projects.  And they won’t create the same supplier partnerships.

This book is not about theory:  it’s crammed full of action points so you can put new ideas into practice straight away.  Here are some of the things that you’ll find out:

  • Why you will get better print jobs if you pick up the phone
  • How to spend less time getting print quotes
  • How to avoid unexpected extra costs
  • Fourteen things to look for when choosing a print supplier

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Download “10 Print Buying Errors and What To Do About Them

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