Why beating printing companies down on price is not the best way to reduce costs

For me, few things are better than standing on the summit of a mountain

The route up a mountain is hard.  There’s a lot of work in getting to the top.  A summit has to be earned.

That is one of the things that gives me immense satisfaction when I reach my goal.  I could go for a nice walk below the mountains.  But taking the easy route would not give me the same satisfaction.

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Three things print buyers must do this week (they could save you 30% on your print spend)

Would you ever consider driving a car whilst uninsured?

Can you imagine the bills that she might be faced with if you had an accident? Can you imagine having a permanent record of illegal behaviour?

My car insurance is due for renewal next week. You can be sure that I’ll be renewing it in good time.

The trouble is, not everything it seems this urgent. Sometimes we have the best intentions to do things. But somehow they never get done. You should ask my wife about my DIY plans!

That’s why I’m issuing this five-day challenge to print buyers. All the action points are things that would be easy to put off.

A delay could cost you a lot of money

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The three questions all print customers should ask at a supplier review meeting

Do you ever play charades?

In case any of you do not know the game, one person has to act out a book or a film or a character. Everyone else has to guess who they are. The actor can only signal yes or no.

If you want to win this game, you need to choose your questions carefully. The right questions can get you swift results. The wrong questions can leave you wondering was on earth was being acted.

Questioning is a vital skill for print buyers too.

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How a picture collage will make 2012 a great year for you

I love reaching summits.  And I love being out in the wilderness.  There is nothing better than  standing on top of a mountain top.  I’m at the highest point.  And the views are pretty good!

But sometimes it can be difficult to make time for the mountains.  I have the pressures of running a busy training and consultancy business.  And I want to make sure that I spend quality time with my family.

It’s easy for the mountains to be forgotten.  And day to day pressures can make print businesses stop thinking about the bigger picture too.  It’s easy for print businesses to forget their goals.

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