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Many people are tasked with buying printed items such as leaflets, brochures, direct mail, stationery and books and magazines.  A lot of print buyers come from other backgrounds.  They don’t have experience in procurement or print or supplier management.  It’s a steep learning curve trying to make sure that people are aware of all the things that they need to think about before going out and giving a printer a job.

Print & Procurement makes sure that your company is able to buy the right type of printed item effectively and efficiently

Print & Procurement focuses on practical print advice that YOU can put into action.
We give this advice through a mixture of training, consultancy and, in the near future, e-books.

Amongst other things we:
– train staff in all matters related to print and purchasing
– make sure that you are buying the most appropriate print pieces
– benchmark print pricing for you
– run print tenders for you
– write service level agreements for you and your printers
– resolve print problems from you

Print & Procurement helps you reduce the cost of buying printed items and associated services (and you’re not stuck with us for on-going print work!)

We give practical print advice

All the advice given in our print consultancy and training is delivered by people who still regularly work on projects.  All our training and projects are based on what actually works in the print industry.

We give experienced print advice

Print & Procurement was founded by Matthew Parker, who has had over twenty years’ experience in buying all sorts of print.  See more about Matthew and his print career here (about us page)

We give targetted print advice

Every print training and consultancy solution we deliver is personalised.  We ask for your experiences and your challenges and build the solution around those.  That way what you learn and what we implement is appropriate to your experiences.  We don’t just give you standard advice which is not relevant to you.

We give independent print advice

Unlike most other companies in the print sector, we are also totally independent:
– we don’t take commission from suppliers
– we offer unbiased advice in the marketplace
– we can work with your current suppliers without any problems
– we don’t do print broking

That’s why our clients keep coming back to us for more advice, more training and more projects.

Do you want to upskill your print buying staff?

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Do you need help with a specific print project?

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Free Buying Advice

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Download "Ten Common Print Buying Errors and What To Do About Them" (worth £25/$41) absolutely free, and receive regular practical articles on print buying.

Client Testimonial

I have worked with Matthew for just over a year now and he has delivered a number of highly successful training events for the IPIA during that time. He is very organised and produces seminars which are full of

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Client Testimonial

Matthew and his company are like Ronseal.
Print and Procurement does exactly what is says on the tin and Matthew does too!
His communication style is refreshingly straight forward and direct. He is thoroughly

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Client Testimonial

Matthew is a reliable and diligent consultant who knows his field. His help was invaluable in helping my start-up navigate some core issues in the world of printing.
Julian Jarvis, CEO, Tailcast

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Client Testimonial

Matthew provided an excellent “Print Processes” training session for myself and some of my colleagues.  The feature that I liked most about the training, was that the day itself was very interactive – which not only

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Client Testimonial

If you think you are on top of your print buying you might be in for a surprise! We asked Print & Procurement to undertake a print audit. Matthew said ‘’If we do not find savings sufficient to earn back our fee

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Client Testimonial

I recommend Matthew very highly for all print related projects. He is a delight to work with and delivers excellent results. Matthew has exceptional industry knowledge and a talent for thinking outside the box. He is

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Client Testimonial

Apart from being a thoroughly decent chap Matthew is scrupulously professional, ruthlessly efficient and always delivers excellent results.
I genuinely have no hesitation whatever in recommending Matthew. He

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Client Testimonial

In an industry renowned for its pressure, Matthew Parker delivers a very gentle but insightful intelligence about the ways of print. Somewhere between art and science there is a place that defines the balance of what

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