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The curveball technique: how to find out more about your print suppliers

Have you ever been stuck for an answer in a job interview?

Chances are that at this point you had nothing prepared for an answer.  You felt stuck.  And that meant that you started talking about yourself very openly.  After all, you had no pre-prepared information to fall back on.

The interviewer found out exactly how you were.

This is a technique that is used fairly commonly in job interviews.  I heard it called various things.  My favourite name for it is the curveball technique.

The curveball technique is also a very useful technique for people evaluating print suppliers

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The three places most people never visit on a print factory tour – and why you should make a point of inspecting them

I love exploring unusual places when I go on holiday.  The well known tourist sites are very impressive.  But everyone goes there.  They are geared up for visitors.  You rarely get an insight into the true culture of a place.

I prefer to try and discover less well known places.  This often gives me a much better idea of what a place is really like.

Print buyers should think like travellers

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