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How print buyers can make major cost savings with simple specification changes

Can you imagine life without the car? For most of us it’s now an essential part of our lives. But it took a challenge to the way things were to create the car.

Henry Ford is reported to have said that he ignored what his customers wanted. He said that, if he had asked them, they would have asked for a faster horse drawn carriage. He needed to challenge the specification of the horse and come up with something totally different.

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Job Batching: How to save money on your print jobs without beating up your printer

There are a lot of rowers on the rivers near me.  Some rowers go out individually.  And they go at incredible speeds.  But the fastest rowers are those who work in teams of four or eight.

The more rowers in a boat, the better the results.  And it’s the same with print jobs.

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The vacuum effect: How to save up to 30% off your print costs without changing print prices

I have heard it said that the very first vacuum cleaners were actually designed to blow dust rather than suck it.  Can you imagine the mess that would make?!  To get a successful invention, it needed someone to challenge what was being done.

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