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How buyers can get the best from visiting a print factory visit – three ways to make the most of your time at a printer

I’m just back from a trek through the High Pyrenees Mountains.  No matter how many pictures you look at before a trip like this, nothing prepares you for the reality.  The size of the mountain peaks can never be pictured from photographs.  And the colours are always a little less vivid in books.

And looking at pictures never prepares you for the hard slog of trekking several hours a day.  It never prepares you for the high mountain passes.

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Why a seven-stage appraisal meeting ensures you choose the right print supplier (and get the meeting done quickly)

Have you ever suffered long and boring presentations from print sales people?  And at the end of the day, did you find that they never really told you what you wanted to know?  When I used to meet new suppliers for the first time I often used to struggle with this.  I often used to find that the sales people didn’t really know what I wanted.

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