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Why TIM will increase your QR code responses by over 20%

Print is not interactive.

Many people struggle with the use of print in a multi-channel world.  You read it and then you put it down again.  You can’t integrate it with other channels.

The closest you can get to making print work with other channels is to include a url.  But even this requires the reader to physically go to a computer and type the url in.  It’s not exactly user friendly.

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Why the best negotiators are givers

Would you ever consider negotiating at your local supermarket?  Can you imagine putting down your basket of groceries at the checkout and asking for a reduced price?

Doesn’t that seem a good way to be politely (or not-so politely) asked to leave the store?

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How e-procurement can reduce your print buying time by 30% (and be fair to suppliers too)

I love choosing my books on Amazon.  I find it really easy to find new authors.  I get suggestions when I look at a title.  And I can a whole list of recommendations by choosing a category and sorting by highly recommended books.  It’s a whole lot quicker than going to a bookshop and browsing randomly along the shelves.

Amazon is a great example of using efficient e-procurement.  And, these days, e-procurement is something that print buyers need to be open to.

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