What happens if a printer says:  “There’s absolutely no way can we do that”?
(Learn how the right negotiation skills can get you the print deal you need)

You negotiated with that printer because they were the one you wanted to use.  So what happens if, because of your negotiation, your relationship with the printer goes down the pan?

You’ll end up wasting time trying to make a new deal with another printer.

But you may end up with a printer that isn’t right for you.  And you may end up with a print job that isn’t right for you.

What would that cost you?

What effect would that have on your business?

Have you ever taken a big dog for a walk?

And, halfway along the walk, it has suddenly decided to have a stand-off with a cat? You can’t move the dog just by trying to drag it along with you. But if you know the right techniques you can get it on the move again without any problems.

It’s the same with print negotiations.  You need to know how to handle the more difficult situations that might arise within a negotiation:

  • How do you start a complicated negotiation off?
  • What wording should you use?
  • How do you deal with negative comeback from the printer?
  • How do you get the best deal you can?

You need some detailed guidance on how to succeed in your print negotiations.

The Print Industry Negotiation Handbook shows you how to succeed in your negotiations

The Print Industry Negotiation Handbook is an e-book.  It gives an in-depth, stage by stage overview of the negotiation process.  And it is written purely for those who work in the print industry.  It will help YOU negotiate more effectively.

The Print Industry Negotiation Handbook cover

The Print Industry Negotiation Handbook will help YOU become a more effective negotiator

What are some of the concepts that this e-book contains?

Seven step negotiation

Do you ever feel lost in a negotiation?  Even if you feel that you are on track, it is easy to jump in with a proposal before you have asked all the right questions.  The Print Industry Negotiation Handbook gives you a clear seven-step structure.  So you’ll never wonder what to do next.


Some people think that negotiation should be a battle.  But the most successful negotiations happen when two sides work together.  The Print Industry Negotiation Handbook helps you to work in partnership with the other side.  Even when the other side didn’t plan to work in partnership.


Preparing for a negotiation is often ignored.  After all, no-one wants to waste hours trying to work out what they need to know.  The Print Industry Negotiation Handbook will make sure that you never perform badly because you are missing vital information.  But it also makes sure that you don’t spend too long on preparation.

4-stage goal setting system

Setting realistic negotiation goals is hard.  Really hard.  The trouble is that many people focus on the wrong things.  And then they find it difficult to achieve their goals.  The Print Industry Negotiation Handbook gives you a simple system to set goals that work for everyone.

 the NICE negotiation goalsetting system, a simple but effective four stage goal setting system

The Print Industry Negotiation Handbook outlines a simple but effective four stage goal setting system

Dealing with difficult negotiators

Sometimes the negotiation isn’t the problem.  It’s the other person.  What happens if they’re hard to get on with?  Or if they start trying to bully you?  The Print Industry Negotiation Handbook gives you clear strategies for dealing with difficult people.


Do you know what markers are?  Chances are you’re using them without realising.  And that can be dangerous.  The Print Industry Negotiation Handbook gives you a clear explanation of markers, their power and how to use them effectively.

Keeping to your goals

Do you give way to the other negotiator?  And then give way again?  And again?  The Print Industry Negotiation Handbook shows you how to put a stop to that.  Now you’ll be able to stick to your negotiation goals.

Making sure agreements happen

Imagine that you spent great amounts of time and effort to get a stunning negotiation result.  And then no-one did anything to implement your result.  All your time and effort would be wasted. The Print Industry Negotiation Handbook helps you make sure that everything you negotiate gets put into practice.

Gaining achievement

Do you feel flat at the end of a negotiation?  Do you worry that you could have done so much more?  Put what you learn in The Print Industry Negotiation Handbook into practice and you’ll be able to finish your negotiations with a real sense of achievement.  You’ll be proud of the results.

“I thought it would be a waste of time to read this book”

“I’ve never been good at negotiation.  I usually just cave in and deal with the loss.  And I’ve never liked that about me.  It makes me feel weak and powerless in situations where important things are on the line.  So I decided to give it a try.

What I found was a really well thought out manual

One that is extremely easy and entertaining to read.  You can tell that Matthew Parker has been thinking about negotiation for a very long time.  And has been doing it day-in and day-out in the print industry for years.

I was surprised at how much I learned

Matthew shows exactly how to prepare for a negotiation so that you’ve got so many options that you barely have to budge from your ideal price.  And the best part about it, is that he shows you how to do it so that the other party comes out a winner too.  To me, this is a really satisfying way to do business.  One that can build lasting relationships.”

Todd Smith, LLCwww.theworkasmeditation.com


Read the whole of Todd’s testimonial here


“I knew I’d learn plenty (even with my experience)”

“I haven’t been disappointed! This comprehensive and easy-to-follow guide laces an excellent strategy for negotiating, with identifiable experiences, humorous stories, and several real-life ‘confessions’.

But best of all, whilst the theme is the print industry, everything Matthew shares can be applied to so many aspects of life and business.

I recommend it as a must-read for everyone

If you want your business or personal budget to go a great deal further, invest in Matthew’s Handbook without delay, and you can immediately start to apply his tried and tested methods for successful negotiation. I’m off to do just that and save some money right now!”

Ann Grindrod –  www.simplylearning.net and www.braininbusiness.com


Read the whole of Ann’s testimonial here

Here’s the complete details for The Print Industry Negotiation Handbook

What format is this book?

This is an e-book.  You can read this book on any devices that handles pdfs.  So that includes PCs, Macs, iPods touches, iPads, Kindles, Nooks and a whole host of other readers.

Do I just get an e-book?  Or can I get audio?

If you buy the premium version of e-book you’ll also receive the audio version (as well as several other useful bonuses).  This isn’t abridged:  this is the entire book, read in a special easy to listen format.  You can listen to the files on any computer (PC or Mac) or any MP3 player.  And yes, there are also instructions on how to put the audio onto CD or onto your mp3 player.

How is the information delivered?

This book is delivered via a pdf download. You are taken to a download page where you get very, very detailed instructions on how to download the e-book and/or audio book.  If you have any problems you have a special address to e-mail.  We’ll be back to you in no more than 24 hours.

How do I pay?

You can pay via credit card (through Paypal) or Paypal.  Your transactions will be safely and securely processed.

Is there a guarantee?

Naturally there is a guarantee.  If you are unsatisfied for any reason just e-mail us and quote your order number.  We’ll refund your money with a smile.  And, by the way, this guarantee lasts for 60 days.

Do I get support?

The book has been tested thoroughly. But if you have an issue getting the files to open or play, you can email us and we’ll be there to help you.  You receive a special help address when you download the book.

Can I have a multi user license?

If you want to make sure every member of your staff get s their own copy please let us know.  We offer reductions for bulk purchases.

Can I have a version with my company branding?

Yes.  If you want to give copies to customers with your branding please let us know and we can create the right solution for you.

Who do I contact if I have any further questions?

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We aim to come back within 48 hours.

Here are just some of the things that you will learn in The Print Industry Negotiation Handbook

Giving may seem a really odd in a negotiation but, used correctly, it can be a really powerful strategy. Find out more in the Print Industry Negotiation Handbook

  • Why the best negotiators are givers
  • Why making the other party a loser does not create negotiation success
  • How the seven stage system will stop your negotiation from going off the rails
  • How spending five minutes longer on your negotiation will improve your results by over 100%
  • How to avoid using straight line negotiation and giving way on price
  • How to control your negotiation in 37 seconds
  • How selling can be a negotiator’s key strength
  • How a mirror makes you a better negotiator
  • Why small talk gets big results
  • How markers are the road signs to improved negotiation results
  • How hide and seek can ruin a negotiation
  • Why valuation makes your negotiation proposal worth more to you
  • How to give your negotiation opponent the advantage in one simple move
  • Why using WIIFM in a negotiation ensures you get what you want
  • Why Pareto agreement will reduce your negotiation time by 80%
  • The three signs of closure that prevent wasted negotiation time
  • How a cesmar follow up prevents future negotiation problems
  • Why never-ending negotiations produce better results
  • How managing relationships sets up a perfect follow-on negotiation
  • Why tenders help negotiators achieve successful results
  • How negotiation can reduce your personal expenditure by over 17%

What makes this book different is its focus on follow up

The handbook covers the follow-up stage of negotiation.  Other negotiation books stop at the agreement stage.  They don’t tell you how to put your negotiation results into practice.  We give you the details of our own follow-up system.  This three stage system ensures that the results of your negotiation WILL turn into reality.


The CESMAR goalsetting system

The Print Industry Negotiation Handbook uses the cesmar system to make sure your negotiation is put into practice

We think you’re going to find The Print Industry Negotiation Handbook really useful

And we think you’re going to be really happy with your purchase.  But it’s just possible that you may read the book and feel that you haven’t learned enough to justify the price.  Or that you’re worried about putting it into practice and risking your current relationships.

If that’s the case you’ll be able to get your money back.  This e-book is covered by the “it’s not for me” guarantee.  If you are not happy with this product simply let us know and we will happily refund your money.  You don’t need to make up an excuse, and you don’t have to return anything.

So, in the unlikely event that you really don’t feel that this e-book is for you, you’ll get your money back with a smile.  And, by the way, this guarantee lasts 60 days.

The Bonuses

The premium edition of the Print Industry Negotiation Handbook has an audio version

Premium edition audio version

1)      Audio book
(recording worth £33/$51.13)

Many people have a lot of spare time when driving or travelling.  So we’ve put together the audio of the handbook for those who purchase the premium version.  Some audio books are boring and monotonous.  But not this one.  We’ve worked hard to make it right up there with the very best audio books.  This audio recording works with all MP3 players and computers.

Format: MP3

Negotiation checklists - Print Industry Negotiation Handbook premium edition

Premium edition checklists

2)      Full negotiation checklists
(pdf worth £12/$19.13)

When you prepare fully for a big negotiation there’s a lot to remember.  And it’s easy to forget something.  And that one thing could prove to be vital later.  So the premium version of handbook comes with a full set of checklists.  You’ll never struggle to think about what you need to do again.

Format: pdf

P.S.  Why you shouldn’t delay!

Are you struggling to avoid giving in to suppliers and going with what they’re suggesting?  This e-book will help you negotiate more effectively.  The sooner you buy this product, the sooner you can start changing the bottom line results for your company.  And achieving more for yourself.

Buy the Print Industry Negotiation Handbook now

The Print Industry Negotiation Handbook e-book
The Print Industry Negotiation Handbook e-book
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The Print Industry Negotiation Handbook cover

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