Negotiation Handbook

What do you do if a printer is digging their heels in?
(Learn why the right negotiation skills can get things on the move again)

What happens if a printer says:

“There’s absolutely no way can we do that”?
How do you avoid giving in to them and going with what they’re suggesting?

The Print Industry Negotiation Handbook helps you create an agreement that works, whatever your budget

The Print Industry Negotiation Handbook helps you create an agreement that works, whatever your budget

What happens if you can’t get the deal you need?

You negotiated with that printer because they were the one you wanted to use.  So what happens if, because of your negotiation, your relationship with the printer goes down the pan?
You’ll end up wasting time trying to make a new deal with another printer.
But you may end up with a printer that isn’t right for you.  And you may end up with a print job that isn’t right for you.

What would that cost you?

What effect would that have on your business?

Have you ever taken a big dog for a walk?

And, halfway along the walk, it has suddenly decided to have a stand-off with a cat? You can’t move the dog just by trying to drag it along with you. But if you know the right techniques you can get it on the move again without any problems.

It’s the same with print negotiations.  You need to know how to handle the more difficult situations that might arise within a negotiation:

  • How do you start a complicated negotiation off?
  • What wording should you use?
  • How do you deal with negative comeback from the printer?
  • How do you get the best deal you can?
Avoid haggles and fights with the Print Industry Negotiation Handbook

Avoid haggles and fights with the Print Industry Negotiation Handbook

So here’s The Print Industry Negotiation Handbook

The print industry negotiation handbook will give an in-depth, stage by stage overview of the negotiation process.  And it is written purely for those who work in the print industry.  It will help YOU negotiate more effectively.

It’s launching in March.  Sign up below to get a free extract which covers  How to avoid giving way on price with straight line negotiation

P.S.  There’s going to be a special pre-launch offer.  But you won’t get to hear about it unless you sign up below.

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